Fleet Broadband Airtime

Fleet Broadband Postpaid Airtime  

An Activation Fee of $50 applies at initial activation and each time the terminal is reactivated.

These plans and the bundled data within may be shared between two Fleet Broadband terminals provided they are installed on the same vessel.

Click here for online activation form.

For more information about starting service please contact us at 1.305.633.9636.

  1. Top Up your Fleet Broadband or Fleet Phone

    Top Up your Fleet Broadband or Fleet Phone

    Price: $0.00

    This Prepaid Top Up is for current SatPhoneStore customers with an Inmarsat Fleet Phone or Fleet Broadband PREPAID SIM Card. 

    Prepaid Unit Conversion Chart (Units per Minute/MB)
    Divide the number of units purchased by the conversion rate below to calculate the number of minutes available for that particular service.


    * Unused Minutes will Rollover if topped up prior to the expiration date. 

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