Cobham Explorer 8100 1.0m Stabilized Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Antenna System

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  • Cobham Explorer 8100 1.0m Stabilized Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Antenna System
  • Cobham Explorer 8100 1.0m Stabilized Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Antenna System

Cobham Explorer 8100 KA Drive-Away Antenna System

Price: $22,995.00

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Quick Overview:

Take a broadband Internet connection with you via the EXPLORER 8100 VSAT system.  Ideal for data & news vans, oilfield services, emergency services or mobile office applications.  A 1.0m stabilized, multi-band, drive-away antenna for Maverick,  Ku or Ka-band operations. 

A unique Dynamic Pointing Correction technology and an advanced carbon fiber reflector make the 1 meter EXPLORER 8100 the most advanced Auto- Acquire Drive-Away Land VSAT antenna available.



Introducing the all-new EXPLORER 8100 VSAT

A unique Dynamic Pointing Correction technology and an advanced carbon fiber reflector make the 1 meter EXPLORER 8100 the most advanced Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Land VSAT antenna available.  


Uninterupted Communication


Traditional vehicle mounted ‘Comms-On-The-Pause’ VSAT antennas can lose connection to the satellite with even the slightest movement of the vehicle on its suspension caused by high winds or people getting in and out. EXPLORER 8100 isn’t a traditional land VSAT antenna.

With EXPLORER 8100 you can enjoy continuous connectivity services even if the vehicle rocks thanks to a new and unique ‘Dynamic Pointing Correction’ system. Using lessons learned from Cobham SATCOM’s maritime stabilized VSAT antennas, EXPLORER 8100 offers the most reliable connectivity available in its class. 


Reliable EXPLORER 


EXPLORER 8100 is developed completely in-house by Cobham SATCOM. It features genuine EXPLORER design, which is already established and proven with Cobham SATCOM’s highly regarded EXPLORER BGAN and GX terminals. It is designed to offer unparalleled Comms-On-The-Pause performance, ensuring high-quality connectivity that is available even when other antennas would have lost their connection to the satellite. In the field, this means you can count on EXPLORER 8100 to provide you with vital communications whatever the conditions.

Industry Best

EXPLORER 8100 features industry-leading fast satellite acquisition with pointing achieved typically in less than four minutes, making getting connected to a satellite a quick and easy process. The system is available in both Ka- and Ku-band configurations and works with all major satellite networks. A swappable feed system allows users to change frequency bands, ensuring full choice of what services to use throughout the lifetime of the antenna.

Additional Information

Part Number 408157B-50551

- A genuine EXPLORER Design
- Rugged, Reliable 1.0m Drive-Away Antenna
- Single Piece 1.0m Offset Feed Carbon Fiber Reflector for Multi-Band Ku/Ka Operation
- Built-in Wifi and a Web-based User Interface for easy PC and Smartphone Configuration
- Precision Polarization Drive in Ku-band configuration 
- Harmonic Drive Gear systems
- Inclined orbit satellite tracking and Dynamic Pointing Correction
- Eutelsat Ka-band configuration includes:
  - 3W transmit and receive integrated assembly (ViaSat eTRIA)




Ka-band (ViaSat eTRIA)






Frequency (GHz)

10.7 -12.75

13.75 -14.5

19.2 - 21.2

29.0 - 30.0

Antenna Gain

39.3 - 40.8

42.0 - 42.2

43.9 - 44.5

47.6 - 47.8

Cross Pol Isolation  (dB)  within 1dB beamwidth





Cross Pol Isolation (dB) On-Axis





Feed Port Isolation - Tx to Rx (dB)


110 w/filter



Beamwidth (degrees) at -3dB

1.6° - 1.9°

1.4° - 1.5°



Beamwidth (degrees) at -10dB

2.8° - 3.4°

2.5° - 2.6°



Antenna Noise Temp. (°K) at 30° Elevation





G/T - Comm (dB/°K)

18.4 dB/°K @ 30° EL Midband

22.0 dB/°K (eTRIA 1.5 dB Noise Figure)

Radiation Pattern Compliance

FCC §25.209, ITU-R S.580

ITU-R S.580


Linear Orthogonal Std. Optional Co-pol

RHCP or LHCP (eTRIA auto selectable)

Standard BUC Options

8 Watt Extended Band

3W ViaSat eTRIA

EIRP with Standard BUC Options (dBW)

50 dBW

54 dBW

Product number













Harmonic Drive





± 195°





0-100° antenna boresight (mechanical)





± 95° (Ku-band)




Satellite Inclination

± 15°




Slewing & Deploying

Up to 9° per second




Acquisition time (typical)

< 4 minutes from cold start














1.0m single piece carbon fiber RTM reflector





Offset, Prime Focus




Mount Geometry

2-Axis, Elevation over Azimuth





Ku-band: Linear with Motorized Rotation Ka-band: RHCP or LHCP














63 kg / 139 lbs with BUC / LNB
56.5 kg / 124.5 lbs with eTRIA





156 cm / 61”




Stowed:  Height / Width

35 cm / 14”  /  100 cm / 39”




Antenna Control Unit (1RU)
- Weight
- Dimensions

4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs.
4.4 x 48 x 33 cm / 1.75” x 19” x 13”




Shipping Crate Dimensions
- Weight
- Dimensions (L/W/D)

136.5 Kg / 300 lbs (Ku Antenna, ACU and Accessories) 130 kg / 286.6 lbs (Ka Antenna, ACU and Accessories) 162 x 107 x 59 cm / 63.2” x 42.1” x 23.2”














Rx  and  Tx:  Type  F  (75-ohm)  connectors  on ACU for modem interface




LNB (Ku)

Multi-band for international use included. (10.7 - 12.75 GHz)





Low noise, brushless, DC




Antenne Controller (1RU) Power Supply

90  -  264  VAC,  50/60Hz  Single  Phase  540W (peak)




Power Consumption

Motors Active – 290 Watts Motors Idle – 55 Watts




BUC Mounting (Ku)

8 watt extended range BUC included










EXPLORER 8100 Ku to KA-SAT Conversion Kit













Wind Speed:   Operational (anchored)
Survival, deployed Survival, stowed

72 km/h / 45 mph
118 km/h / 73 mph
161 km/h / 100 mph




Temperature:  Operational Survival

-33° to +55°C / -27° to 131°F
-40° to +80°C / -40° to 176°F





<100 mm/hr





0 to 100% (condensing)




IP Rating:  Antenna
Antenna Control Unit

IP-55 IP-30






Brand Cobham
Airtime Rates

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  •  - Requires Ku band VSAT system with minimum 75 cm antenna
  •  - $100 Service Activation Fee
  •  - 12 Month Contract Required
  •  - Day Plans, Flex Plans and Regional Plans are only available in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Eastern US, Northern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East
  •  - Day Plan requires a minimum purchase of 10 days per year
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