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PredictWind - Wind and Marine Forecast - One Year Subscription

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Price: $249.00


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Price: $249.00
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PredictWind is the world leader in marine weather forecasting. They have a fully integrated GRIB file viewer, weather routing and departure planning software designed to work with your chosen satellite connection.



PredictWind is the world leader in marine weather forecasting. They have a fully integrated GRIB file viewer, weather routing and departure planning software designed to work with your chosen satellite connection. 

PredictWind offers a complete solution for marine users who are often outside of wifi/cellular connection. The PredictWind Offshore App is designed for use with satellite devices and allows users to access detailed weather information in addition to route planning while underway - essential for crew comfort and safety. 

PredictWind is the only company in the world that runs their own global weather model at 50km resolution with 2 sources. In addition 1km / 8km resolution forecasts are generated for popular regions around the world. In addition the PredictWind Offshore App gives you access to the GFS(NOAA) and CMC weather models, giving you 4 forecast models for greater confidence in the forecast. 

The Departure Planning and Weather Routing tools in the Offshore App allow you to plan and travel with confidence. The easy to use interface means you now have access to the same tools used by professional mariners.  

PredictWind Pricing Packages  

* Basic Plan is only available with a SatPhone.Me subscription ($US99 / 1 year).  SatPhone.Me subscribers may use their SatPhone.Me credentials info to login to PredictWind and will have access to the Basic features for no extra charge. Click Here for more information about SatPhone.Me.

Additional Information

Part Number PREDWIND

Offshore Passages

PredictWind can provide a 14 day marine forecast using the 50km resolution model for any region in the world. When offshore and away from land effects, it is not necessary to get a high resolution forecast. However you can be assured to get the best forecast available using the same technology that is used to generate the high resolution forecasts.
The reduced smoothing in PredictWind’s weather model you will allow you to see wind features that are not picked up by other weather models. In addition we use two data sources for the weather model, to produce dual forecasts for comparison. The closer the wind forecasts, the more confidence you can have in the accuracy for your comfort and safety.

Free GRIB Viewer

Use the Free Offshore App to automatically download and view the PredictWind GRIB files. This tool is ideally suited for retrieving the forecasts over Satellite & SSB communications and will ensure you always have access to the forecast when there is no internet connection available. In addition get access to weather routing, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery.

Weather Routing

The Professional Package now includes the world's first  online weather routing. Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the map, and the PredictWind server will calculate thefastest route or the most comfortable route for your boat using the high resolution 1km-8km or 50km resolution wind forecasts.  The comfortable route allows you to avoid motoring in strong winds or large swells.
You decide your tolerance level, and the PredictWind routing algorthim will do its best to avoid these areas. You simply need to define your boats' polar and the optimal path is calculated for both PredictWind forecasts, the NOAA GFS forecast and the Canadian CMC forecasts.  The routing algorithm is also clever enough to avoid the land, right down to a 20m resolution level. So now you can can accurately see your optimal route for coastal cruising - for Comfort or for Speed.

Reduce Cost & Download Time

Whilst offshore, getting access to the internet is expensive with satellite communications, and email size is limited with SSB radio data services. PredictWind has the ultimate solution for this problem - The Offshore App is ideally suited for offshore yacht racing allowing your to request weather routes via email. The file size is only 1.5KB, and therefore your communication costs are minimal and the results are quick to download. The optimal route is calculated with the highest resolution wind, swell & ocean current forecasts. 

Departure Planning

What is the best day for depart on your next offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will receive if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the map, the weather routing algorithm will calculate the fastest route  (avoiding the land) and summarize the wind forecast data for the next 4 days of departure.The Professional Package is suited for offshore passage making.


GRIB Files

GRIB files are a special binary format of weather data.  It is the same forecast as available on the weather forecast site, but as the files are highly compressed, it is ideal for downloading across wireless communication devices.


Select Your Route

Click and drag the start and finish waypoints for your trip. The app will automatically select the relevant high resolution and offshore GRIB files for your trip. High resolution GRIB files are only available with Standard/Professional account.

Download GRIB Files

Click on the download button to download your GRIB files. You have the option to select your parameters such as Wind, Rain, Wave, Cloud, Temperature, Sea Surface Temperature and Current.

View GRIB Files

The GRIB files from your latest download are automatically displayed, and can be animated by the control menus.

Trip Tools

The app includes a collection of incredible tools for trip planning and forecasting including PredictWind's powerful Weather Routing, Departure Planning, Destination forecast, GMDSS text forecasts & Satellite imagery.


Outstanding Accuracy

Proven technology with the highest resolution model on the web. Exclusive to PredictWind!


Detailed Forecasts

Incredible detail for your local area. Zoom on Google maps right down to 1km resolution.


Forecast Confidence

We provide two comparative forecasts giving you confidence in the forecast.

Online Weather Routing

The world's first online routing tool shows you the quickest or safest route for your next trip.


Forecast Alerts

Be automatically notified when ideal conditions are forecasted.


Live Wind Observations

Real data from 15,000 live stations across the globe.

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