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KVH Trachphone FB150 - Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 150

KVH 01-0319 TracPhone FB150 Compact Dome

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Special Price $6,206.00

KVH 01-0319 TracPhone FB150: Satellite Phone & Internet at Sea

AIR TIME Packages:

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KVH TracPhone FB150; Compact Dome


The TracPhone FB150 antenna is the smallest in KVH’s family of Inmarsat FleetBroadband-compatible TracPhone systems, perfect for leisure boats. The fully stabilized TracPhone FB150 offers IP data connections up to 150 Kbps and simultaneous voice and SMS service, all via Inmarsat’s trusted FleetBroadband network with its new I-4 satellite constellation ensuring service for the next 20 years and beyond!


Rely on broadband data to help save time and fuel while spending less time in the harbor and more time out on the water. Enjoy access to weather data, sea conditions, chart updates, friends, family, and the office. For the first time, broadband at sea is small enough and affordable enough for you to rely on wherever you cruise. And it’s all brought to you by KVH and Inmarsat, the leaders in maritime broadband.


By keeping your passengers and crew happy and connected to home, you are making an investment in your boat that will be valuable for years to come.

Price $7,495.00
Special Price $6,206.00
Part Number 01-0319


- Uses powerful FleetBroadband service from Inmarsat
- A choice of airtime plans, including flat rate airtime bundles to ensure your communications fit your budget and pay-as-you-go plans so you pay only for what you use1
- Broadband data rates as fast as 150 Kbps
- Available Inmarsat Airtime by KVH, offering exclusive airtime benefits and a single point of contact for both hardware and airtime questions
- Free access to KVH’s Velocity™ Acceleration software to optimize and speed up data connections2
- Always-on connection for e-mail, Internet and Intranet (via secure VPN)
- Compact design for easy installation and simple below-decks connections to your computer and phones
- Inmarsat FleetBroadband Activation Process Checklist - Use this handy activation process checklist to ensure you submit all necessary forms for activating your system
- World-class warranty coverage and support
- 1 Additional fees may apply. See Inmarsat Airtime by KVH rate plans for details.
- 2 KVH’s Velocity™ Acceleration software boosts uncompressed FleetBroadband data rates by as much as 200%. Velocity Acceleration is available with Inmarsat -        Airtime by KVH. Rates using Velocity Acceleration may vary based on content being transferred.



Service Provider

- Inmarsat FleetBroadband


Service Coverage Area

- Global


Maximum Downlink Rate (Shore-to-Ship)

- 150 Kbps


Maximum Uplink Rate (Ship-to-Shore)

- 150 Kbps


Billing Method


- Metered


Typical Cost per MB transmitted (see rate sheet)

- $10.00 USD


Typical Cost per minute for Voice (see rate sheet)

- $1.00 USD


Antenna Dome Standard Diameter x Height/Weight

- 13" x 14"/11 lbs - (33 cm x 34 cm/5 kg)

Antenna Dome Alternate Diameter x Height/Weight

- 11” x 12”/9 lbs - (27 cm x 29 cm/4 kg)

Matching TracVision Antenna Available

- Standard - M1

Alternate - not available


- 4 Kbps AMBE+2



- eFax supported


Streaming Data

- N/A



- Standard 3G (up to 160 characters)


Antenna Operating Temperature

-13°F to +131°F - (-25°C to +55°C)

Antenna Storage Temperature

-40°F to +185°F - (-40°C to +85°C)


- 10-32 VAC


GMDSS Approved

- No



- Inmarsat approved; Compliant to RTTE, CE Marked



- 1 Year Parts; 1 Year Labor3,4


1 Maritime GSM service is an optional service.
2 With Maritime GSM service.
3 Unless subject to in-country regulations.
4 1-year parts warranty extension with system purchase and subscription to Inmarsat Airtime by KVH; some restrictions may apply, click here for details.

Satellite Network Inmarsat (FBB)
Brand KVH
Package Includes Antenna Unit, Below Deck Unit, 30' Antenna Cable, Power Cable
Airtime Rates
  Monthly Fee Bundled Data Additional Data Voice Calls Contract Term
Small Vessel $79 5 MBs $15.95 per MB $0.60 per Minute 1 Month
Standard $129 10 MBs $13.95 per MB $0.60 per Minute 1 Month
Comm 25 $329 25 MBs $13.95 per MB $0.60 per Minute 3 Months
Comm 50 $649 50 MBs $13.95 per MB $0.60 per Minute 3 Months
Comm 200 $769 200 MBs $3.99 per MB $0.42 per Minute 12 Months
Comm 2000 $1,459 2 GBs $0.80 per MB $0.32 per Minute 24 Months
Comm 6000 $1,969 6 GBs $0.40 per MB $0.32 per Minute 24 Months
Unlimited $2,699 Unlimited N/A $0.35 per Minute 24 Months

Streaming Class Services
(Symmetrical Dedicated Bandwidth)

8 kbps $0.45 per Minute
16 kbps $0.95 per Minute
24 kbps $1.35 per Minute
32 kbps $3.55 per MInute
64 kbps $4.55 per Minute
128 kbps $11.95 per Minute
256 kbps $24.25 per Minute


The Small Vessel Plan Does not allow access to Streaming Class Services.
An Activation Fee of $50 applies at initial activation and each time the terminal is reactivated.
These plans and the bundled data within may be shared between two Fleet Broadband terminals provided they are installed on the same vessel. 
The Unlimited Plan is only available for FB250 and FB500 terminals.

Small Vessel Prepaid  Units Voice Minutes* MB's* Validity Period Cost
60 78 6 60 Days $50
100 131 10 60 Days $80
200 262 20 60 Days $160

* Units can be used for voice minutes or standard IP MB's or a combination thereof.  Chart above depicts the maximum amount available of each if use solely for one service or the other.

How much is a MB? 

When you send and receive emails, transfer files or pull up web pages – you are transferring data.   All the data that you send and receive online can be broken down into megabytes (MB’s).  It is difficult to provide an exact conversion of data type to MB, because everything thing you send and receive is unique and may be either large or small, but we can provide a pretty good estimate based on typical usage. 

A MB is approximately 100 plain text emails, 3 emails with attachments, 5 web pages or 1 digital photo.

Mobile Satellite Service Agreement

Coverage Map

Coverage Areas North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia