Container Tracking

The Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking GPS Solution for Dry and Refrigerated (Reefers) Containers – So that the most reliable and efficient delivery, from origin to destination is made possible!

The Tetis Line of container tracking systems by Starcom Systems provides ongoing monitoring of your container through all stations and checkpoints on its journey from the factory to the customer. Whether dry storage or reefer, land or sea, the container tracking system will watch over your goods as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or transportation method

The Tetis Line incorporates the function of multiple technologies in a single unit. With its embedded GPS technology and cellular communication abilities, the device has been cleverly designed to provide precise information regarding the location, condition and temperature of your container in Real-Time and is based on the settings and scheduling defined by the user.

Especially beneficial for refrigerated containers (Reefers), carrying frozen or chilled cargo, Tetis R integrates a highly sensitive temperature sensor for monitoring the environmental temperature conditions with an accuracy up to ±0.2°C.