Getting connected to reliable voice and data after a disaster is a top priority for families and businesses in the affected area.  In addition to traditional satellite phones, SatPhoneStore also offers solutions such a worldwide Push To Talk, portable internet hubs and VSAT high speed data systems

Iridium Push To Talk

Iridium PTT

Handheld Satellite Phones are absolutely necessary when a disaster strikes and all lines of communications are unavailable.  But if you have a team of 3 or more, a satellite phone with Push-To-Talk may be a better fit.  With the Iridium PTT, not only can you place calls, but your entire team is a push away from communicating.

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IsatHub Satellite Terminal


Need internet? The iSavi™ is lightweight, highly portable and is quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise or training needed, enabling you to get online via a satellite connection within minutes.


Dependable Smartphone/Tablet-to-Satellite connectivity - Voice, Data and Text (all at the same time).

Connect from anywhere with no roaming charges

Compact and portable

Wi-Fi Hotspot function with IP connection shared with your friends and colleagues within a 30 metre range (can connect over 20 Wi-Fi users at a time)

User friendly operation via Smart Apps

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Satellite Internet

Fixed Site VSAT Back Up - Install a rugged VSAT System to ensure you always have reliable internet and voice connectivity even when the terrestrial infrastructure is destroyed. - Unlimited Internet Access Plans start at $300/Month

Fixed Site VSAT Back up

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Flyaway VSAT Rental - Airline check-able and easy to deploy - Starting at $4,999/Month - Unlimited Internet Access

Flyaway VSAT rental

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