KVH TracPhone V7-HTS​: Connectivity at Sea for the Internet you use

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 3:33:57 PM America/New_York

For the first time ever, High Throughout Satellite (HTS) Internet is available via a marine stabilized 60 cm antenna. KVH recently debuted the Tracphone V7-HTS, one of the most affordable and reliable VSAT hardware solution available for boaters. The V7-HTS provides blazing fast speeds of up to 10/3 Mbps download/upload rates. This means smaller vessels now have the means to stream HD content or video chat with friends and family—allowing them to enjoy the Internet as they would at home. We expect this simple yet robust package to be popular with larger vessels as well due to the reasonable equipment cost and competitive airtime plans.

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Inmarsat Legacy EOL and Migration Options

Thursday, September 14, 2017 12:21:01 PM America/New_York

Inmarsat has announced the End of Life (EOL) dates for its Fleet 33, 55, and 77 devices. After these dates these legacy fleet devices will no longer be covered under the Inmarsat network and users will find that they will no longer be receiving/transmitting data.

As these EOL dates approach users should consider migrating to a newer satellite broadband device. These newer devices are more reliable and provide a stronger, faster connection over the older legacy devices. Also unlike the legacy devices which data is pay-as-you-go, often at a premium, these newer devices provide much more flexible data rates and plans. Not only is this data ultimately cheaper but the performance is much better as well

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When choosing a satellite internet solution prepare to be bombarded with language consisting of MB's, GB's, Kbps, Mbps, MIR, CIR, 4:1, 8:1, FAP and so on... If you understand this uber-techie lingo then a thorough satellite internet proposal complete with bandwidth numbers, contention ratios and data consumption limits is just what you need. But if you don't, then you can nod your head and smile, but will probably feel more confused than informed...

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