Helios TT GSM Tracking

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Starcom Helios TT - Micro GSM Tracking Device

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Quick Overview: Helios TT works every GSM is available and provides the essential real-time information you need to keep control of your vehicle fleets and to ensure your valued assets stay secured.



The most sophisticated unit for real-time fleet management and security applications.

The Helios TT  is a small unit and can be fully concealed from view. Helios TT will help you to quickly recover your vehicle if stolen and is available with a waterproof case that gives maximum protection from wet weather conditions. This unique device can also keep track of the cellular antennas in the vicinity of the unit, and compare the antennas recorded to the ones at the time of start, and if they do not match – a Tow Alert will be transmitted.  The driver gets all this without turning on the GPS and by using a very low power consumption.

Additional Information

Part Number HELIOS-TT

Helios TT

Designed to provide the essential real-time information you need to keep control of your vehicle fleets and to ensure your beloved motorbike stays secured.

  • The Helios TT has a unique capability to "Track and Trace" private motorcycles and fleets of delivery vehicles.
  • The device will activate an alert when your vehicle is being moved or stolen.
  • The unit is small and can be fully concealed meaning you can follow the path of your vehicle until it is recovered.
  • Protects the driver as the built-in accelerometer will raise an alert in cases of impact.
  • The device will record the cellular antennas in its vicinity without turning on the GPS and therefore maintains a low power consumption
  • Available with a waterproof case for maximum protection from wet weather conditions
  • Other implementation examples: electric buggy and camper van 
  • Offered at an affordable price

GPS Sensor - GPS, GLONASS (optional)

GSM Uplink - Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900)

Satellite Uplink - N/A

Connector - 10 pins Molex

Accelerometer - Yes

Canbus - No

Usage - Track & Trace


- Low cost

- Waterproof IP65 (optional)

- Allows a tow detection with very low power consumption


- 2 Digital Inputs (one digital input can be used as an Analog input).

- 1 Digital output

- 1 Comm Port

Network GSM
Brand Starcom
Package Includes Helios TT
Airtime Rates

- If monthly alert limit is exceeded, additional alerts will be billed at $0.03 each for GSM plans, $0.09 each for Satellite plans and $0.06 each for Hybrid plans.

- GSM and Hybrid activations will incur a roaming fee of $10/month for Standard plans, $15/month for Pro plans and $20/month for Pro plans any calendar month the device transmits from outside the US.

- A programming fee will be added to your first invoice.

These plans are available for the following Starcom products: Helios, Helios Hybrid and Helios TT

Coverage Areas North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia