Globalstar phones look and act like mobile or fixed phones with which you're familiar. The difference is that they can operate virtually anywhere, carrying your call / data over an exceptionally clear, secure Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) satellite signal. Like "bent-pipes", or mirrors in the sky, the Globalstar constellation of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites picks up signals from over 80% of the Earth's surface, everywhere outside the extreme polar regions and some mid-ocean regions.

Globalstar GSP1700 Globalstar GSP1600 Sat-Fi SPOT
Globalstar GSP2900
  1. SatBag Custom Travel Bag For SatPhones - Iridium, Isatphone & Globalstar

    SatBag Custom Travel Bag For SatPhones - Iridium, IsatPhone Pro, Globalstar & Thuraya XT

    Regular Price: $65.00

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    Pack up your satellite phone and accessories in this quality canvas travel bag with custom foam insert. This bag was designed specifically to meet the needs of a satellite phone user. The foam insert protects your phone and accessories and the low profile format of the bag allows it to be easily slipped in to luggage or carried on a flight as a person item. Learn More