BGAN Airtime Plans and Prepaid Cards

Inmarsat BGAN Monthly Subscription Plans 

$50 Activation Fee (Waived for Platinum and Titanium Plans)
Streaming and HDR availability varies depending on equipment capability


Inmarsat BGAN Prepaid Airtime 

Vouchers may also be used for voice calls
Voice call expiry rate is 9.1 minutes per MB


Other BGAN Airtime Services


BGAN Link Plans

BGAN M2M Plans

How much is a MB? 

When you send and receive emails, transfer files or pull up web pages – you are transferring data.   All the data that you send and receive online can be broken down into megabytes (MB’s).  It is difficult to provide an exact conversion of data type to MB, because everything thing you send and receive is unique and may be either large or small, but we can provide a pretty good estimate based on typical usage.  A MB is approximately 99 plain text emails, 3 emails with attachments, 5 web pages or 1 digital photo.

To speak with someone about choosing the best BGAN option for your needs please call 305-405-7173.