Iridium GO!
  1. Iridium GO! Aviation Package - Available Now

    Iridium GO! Aviation Package

    Regular Price: $1,350.00

    Special Price $1,139.00

    The Iridium Go! is great for any pilot who needs to make calls, check email or text messages. You can give access up to 5 people on board to keep them connected to important emails and phone calls. Using voice you can have all your cell phone calls routed to the Iridium Go! no matter where your flight may take you. This is the product pilots have been waiting for!

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  2. Iridium GO! Marine Package - Available Now

    Iridium GO! Marine Package

    Regular Price: $1,480.00

    Special Price $1,150.00

    Iridium GO Marine Package Includes:  Iridium GO! device, Battery, Universal AC Travel Charger, USB Charging/Data Cable, Four International Adapters, DC Adapter, - Protective Cover, SatStation Passive Antenna, Wall Mount, Mast Mount and External Antenna Adapter.

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  3. Iridium GO! - Turn your Smart Phone into a Sat Phone - Available Now

    RedPort Glow Iridium Wifi Terminal

    Price: $1,795.00

    Live and play on the water? Stay in touch with the Glow Iridium Satellite Terminal. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to live with – Glow gives you the coverage of the Iridium satellite network with the power of RedPort hardware and services.

    Satellite-optimized voice, email, weather forecasts, social media and location sharing are at your fingertips, saving you airtime and connecting you easily. Plus, Glow is the world’s only marine-dedicated satellite phone with access to Iridium’s best service plans, including Unlimited and Double Data.

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  4. Iridium GO! - Turn your Smart Phone into a Satellite Phone

    Iridium GO! - Turn your Smart Phone into a Satellite Phone

    Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $799.00

    Included with your Iridium Go! is a SatPhoneStore Custom Travel Bag.

    Iridium GO!™ is unlike anything the world has seen before. Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, this compact, rugged and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to 5 smartphones or tablets.

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