Iridium is the world's only truly global mobile satellite communications company, with voice and data solutions covering every inch of the earth's surface. Reaching over oceans, through airways and across the Polar Regions, Iridium solutions are ideally suited for industries such as maritime, aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities.

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  1. Beam ISD951 AC Plug Pack

    Beam ISD951 AC Plug Pack

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price $134.60

    Beam ISD951 Power Pack Learn More
  2. Beam PotsDOCK 9575 Extreme
  3. Beam LiteDOCK 9575 Extreme
  4. Beam DriveDOCK 9575 Extreme
  5. Iridium RST710 Mast/Pole Antenna

    Iridium RST710 Mast/Pole Antenna

    Regular Price: $887.00

    Special Price $772.00

    Iridium Pole Mount Antenna RST710 is designed for Maritime based applications. Designed to work with Beam Iridium products and will work with other Iridium based devices. Antenna cable connection is inside the antenna and protected from harsh environments. Learn More
  6. RST430

    Beam IridiTRAK RST430

    Regular Price: $1,495.00

    Special Price $1,375.00

    The IridiTRAK terminal is a small and lightweight device that uses the latest technology in providing global alert, tracking and monitoring services. 

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  7. Beam RST100A - Iridium Terminal

    Beam RST100A - Iridium Terminal

    Regular Price: $2,415.00

    Special Price $2,222.00

    The Beam Beam RST100 is a satellite communications terminal providing intelligent RJ11/POTS/PBX voice, data and messaging services. The RST100 uses Iridium service and supports the use of standard phone equipment making it ideal for all In-building and maritime applications.

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  8. Beam RST702 dual mode Iridium & GPS antenna, designed predominantly for maritime applications. The antenna is supplied complete with a PVC pipe, 30cm (11.8inches) that enables it to be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environme

    Beam RST702 – Dual Mode Iridium / GPS antenna

    Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $460.00

    Beam RST702 dual mode Iridium & GPS antenna works for most for maritime applications.

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  9. 12 Meter LMR400 Cable Kit for Iridium

    12 Meter LMR400 Cable Kit for Iridium with "Pigtail"

    Regular Price: $275.00

    Special Price $235.00

    This 12 meter (39 foot) antenna cable kit provides a flexible installation option for most marine or fixed site installations and is terminated with TNC male connectors for Iridium compatability.

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  10. Beam PotsDOCK 9555

    Beam PotsDOCK 9555 Includes Antenna and Handset

    Regular Price: $1,699.00

    Special Price $1,625.00

    PotsDOCK 9555 is a docking station that allows the Iridium 9555 handset to be used in a wide variety of applications. Learn More
  11. N/A

    Beam SatDOCK-G 9555

    Regular Price: $1,505.00

    Special Price $1,385.00

    he SatDOCK-G supports Tracking & Alert functionality via the dedicated in built GPS engine. Learn More
  12. Beam RapidSAT for Iridium 9555

    Beam RapidSAT for Iridium 9555

    Regular Price: $1,479.00

    Special Price $1,286.00

    RapidSAT 9555 bag phone is ideal for short term use or applications where many people may need to access satellite communication for rapid deployment. Learn More
  13. Beam Pots Dock 9555 Iridium Docking Station

    Beam PotsDock 9555 Iridium Docking Station

    Regular Price: $1,310.00

    Special Price $1,205.00

    The Beam PotsDOCK 9555 is an intelligent compact docking station specifically designed for the Iridium 9555 satellite handset and offers RJ11 connectivy to integrate your desk phone or PBAX system.

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