SES Maritime+

SES Maritime+ is the most efficient managed mobility connectivity service enabling seamless global roaming for all maritime users. It is the fastest and simplest way to bring connectivity to any vessel anywhere — exactly the way you want it.

Managed Connectivity Service

Leveraging the largest fleet of GEO, MEO, and HTS satellites across C, Ku and Ka bands, together with teleports and ground infrastructure strategically dispersed around the world, SES Maritime+ delivers a unique and powerful combination of ultra-high concentrated throughput, low latency, seamless global connectivity, and lower overall cost of ownership that is unrivalled in the maritime market. The SES Maritime+ open architecture enables simple customization, ease of deployment and extraordinary scalability to realize economies of scale. Solutions can be easily tailored to any and all maritime requirements — from passenger and crew business, personal communication, and entertainment applications to smart applications in weather and navigation, tracking and monitoring, and an expanding IoT portfolio.