KVH TracPhone V7-IP; Ku-band Antenna; in M9 dome;  Rack-mountable Integrated CommBox Modem

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KVH TracPhone V7-IP; Ku-band Antenna; in M9 dome; Rack-mountable Integrated CommBox Modem

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KVH TracPhone V7-IP; Ku-band Antenna; in M9 dome; Rack-mountable Integrated CommBox Modem

Compatible with IP-MobileCast Service



TracPhone V7-IP

You can rely on broadband at sea the way it was meant to be thanks to KVH’s rugged 24" (60 cm) TracPhone V7 antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network. The new standard for maritime satellite communications, it’s the ideal way to stay connected with family and friends via Internet, e-mail, phone and more while at sea.

Enjoy high-quality, consistent, always-on broadband data connections, multiple voice telephone lines, and dramatically reduced service costs thanks to mini-VSAT Broadband’s modern spread spectrum satellite technology. This service is available via the TracPhone V7 and its fully integrated below-decks modem and control unit. A fraction of the size of standard 1-meter VSAT systems, this solution offers easy connections to shipboard networks, fully stabilized tracking, a remarkable reduction in the cost of hardware and installation, and all with no compromise in performance!

In fact, mini-VSAT Broadband creates a “cable modem” experience at sea while offering great coverage, outstanding network traffic management, and consistent performance. You get exactly what you expect with regard to service speeds, reliability, and unlimited access, all for much less than what you’re used to paying for satellite communications. Plus, a variety of powerful options help you make the most of your TracPhone V7 system!


Integrated CommBox Modem


Commercial fleets require secure, integrated tools to support business efficiency, crew morale, regulatory compliance, and safety needs even if there are limited IT skills on the vessel. KVH’s CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager is the most complete network management tool available for mariners, offering superior flexibility and reliability to competing hardware- and software-only solutions. That’s why more than 1,000 vessels worldwide rely on the KVH CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager to get more out of their onboard communications.


Minimum 12 Month airtime contract with SatPhoneStore required.  SatPhoneStore is an Authorized KVH Service Provider. 

Additional Information

Part Number 01-0361

TracPhone V7-IP


  • Always-on broadband connectivity and fully integrated network management
  • Breakthrough new Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) includes IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox Network Manager, ArcLight® spread spectrum modem, Voice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • All in one 2U high belowdecks unit, for reliability, ease of use, and simplified onboard networking
  • No. 1 maritime VSAT network, mini-VSAT Broadband, now even better – with ArcLight’s new Variable Coding, Spreading, and Modulation (VCSM) technology for double the network capacity
  • High-performance antenna solution in an affordable yet rugged hardware package similar in size to FleetBroadband FB500, but with the speeds of VSATs more than six times its size
  • Modern, user-friendly browser-based user interface with iPhone® app
  • Data rates as fast as 1 Mbps ship-to-shore uploads, and 2 Mbps shore-to-ship downloads
  • Two integrated voice lines optimized for use with satellite services with expansion capability for up to nine concurrent voice lines
  • 3-axis gyro stabilized antenna with 4th axis of automatic skew adjustment tracks satellites from directly above the vessel on the equator to low on the horizon
  • Affordable airtime rates with choice of fixed rate, seasonal, or per-megabyte plans
  • Supports upcoming IP-MobileCast service
  • Multicasting delivery of movies, news, sports clips, and more directly to subscribing vessels


Integrated CommBox Modem

  • Web caching and web image compression to reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Enterprise extension: remote PC management for customer IT departments
  • Integrated e-mail server, firewalls, and security
  • Least cost routing and bandwidth management for multiple communications carriers
  • Unique networks for operations, charters and/or crew
  • Complete Internet cafe and VoIP solution
  • Content filtering

* Compatible with IP-MobileCast Service

Specs -Service - KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Airtime -Antenna Type - Ku-band -Belowdecks Equipment - Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) -Service Coverage Area - Seamless Worldwide Regions -Maximum Download Speed - 2 Mbps -Maximum Upload Speed - 1 Mbps -Billing Method - Metered, -Speed-based Unrestricted, -Speed-based Unrestricted Seasonal, -Speed-based Fixed, or -Speed-based Fixed Seasonal -Typical Cost per MB (see rate sheet) - <$1.00 USD -Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet) - Starting at $0.05 USD (speed-based plans) $0.49 USD (metered plans) -Antenna Dish Diameter - 60 cm (24") -Antenna Unit Size (D x h/Wt) - 66.3 cm (D) x 79.2 cm (h) / 26.1 kg (26.1" (D) x 31.2" (h) / 57.6 lbs) -System Option: CommBox Software Bundles Available -Standard or Enterprise Packages - see “Featured Options” on product page for details -System Option: Built-in Crew Calling Gateway -Available; contact Airtime Services for details -System Option: IP-MobileCast Services -Coming soon; contact KVH for details -System Options UCH-250 Fax Server -For enterprise-grade faxing over IP (P/N 19-0520); contact KVH for details
Network KVH VSAT
Brand KVH
Airtime Rates
Coverage Map

Coverage Areas North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

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