Intellian V100 8W SES Marine VSAT System

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Intellian V100 8W Aura Marine VSAT System

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Quick Overview:

Intellian’s v100 is the most popular 1m antenna in the business. The world’s leading satellite communications integrators rely on the v100’s superior RF performance, its modular, configurable design and its overall ease of use.




Intellian’s v100 is the most popular 1m antenna in the business. The world’s leading satellite communications integrators rely on the v100’s superior RF performance, its modular, configurable design and its overall ease of use.

The v100 from Intellian with 3 axis and 1m reflector diameter delivers the high bandwidth Aura Ku-Band VSATservice to the maritime industry.  Aura is available with a broad range of customisable speeds and packages to address the budgets and operational needs of customers across commercial shipping, fishing, offshore and leisure markets.

Intellian v100 on Aura VSAT Network Highlights

  • Fully managed Ku-Band VSAT service with a broad range of bandwidth options
  • Flexible L-Band back-up from Iridium and Inmarsat
  • Tried and tested hardware from Intellian, iDirect and Cisco
  • Flexible Fair Use Policy with guaranteed CIR
  • Crew communications with BYOD technology
  • Operational benefits through increased bandwidth and uncapped video capability
  • Expert VSAT engineering and installation services
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support
  • Futureproof and organically growing network and platform

Superior RF Performance

Frequency Tuned Radome

To ensure efficient operations for Ku-band and Ka-band services, the radome itself is designed to enhance both the Ka- and Ku-band system performance. The new Radome is also designed to match conventional domes, an important benefit on installations where great aesthetics are important.

Precision Dual Band Carbon Fiber Reflector

The v100 is designed and engineered to operate on Ku and Ka-bands while maximizing the RF performance on both bands. The v100’s high-gain, precision carbon fiber reflector ensures the best service quality available when configured for Ku or Ka-band operation, allowing for greater throughput and reduced operational costs.

iDirect Evolution X7

Built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system, the X7 enables service providers to deliver the data rates needed for bandwidth-heavy business applications and multicast services like IP TV, distance learning, HD broadcast, digital signage and video. The X7 also features an 8-port embedded switch for managing multiple user groups. The rack-mountable remote comes with multiple choices of embedded power supply units and dual DVB-S2 demodulators with fully independent RF chains. This makes it uniquely suited for a range of enterprise voice and data services while simultaneously receiving multicast channels over the same or a second transponder or satellite – even combining spot-beam HTS capacity and Ku- and C-band capacity.

Cisco SAP122

The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router combines VoIP services with an internal router for LAN connectivity. Easy to install and use, it works over an IP network to connect analog phones and fax machines to a VoIP service provider and provides support for additional LAN connections.

The Cisco SPA122 includes two standard telephone ports to connect existing analog phones or fax machines to a VoIP service provider. It also includes two 100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN connectivity. Each phone line can be configured independently. With the Cisco SPA122, users can protect and extend their investment in their existing analog telephones, conference speakerphones, and fax machines, as well as control their migration to IP voice with an extremely affordable, reliable solution.

Compact in design and compatible with international voice and data standards, the Cisco SPA122 can be used with residential, home-office, and small business VoIP service offerings, including full-featured hosted or open source IP PBX environments. This easy-to-use solution delivers advanced features to better connect employees and serve customers, all on a highly secure Cisco network. 

Additional Information

Part Number V3-11B-PJW

Global PLL LNB

The v100 comes standard with Intellian's patented Global PLL LNBs

The Global PLL LNB is the world's first Ku-band LNB module capable of receiving a full range of operating frequencies from any VSAT satellite around the globe

Remote Access via Aptus

Built-in web interface for remote management, control and updating brings tech support aboard the vessel

Automated Diagnostics including internal Spectrum Analyzer

Simple Conversion from Ku to Ka

Converts easily and quickly from Ku-band system to a Ka-band system with a simple integrated RF module consisting of the BUC and LNB

The combined RF BUC & LNB assembly is attached to the rear side of the reflector, with no need to rebalance the system after conversion

Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability

No external heading device input required

Reduces installation time, automated Bow offset using Aptus

Global Satellite Library

Preinstalled database of detailed satellite data

Customizable satellite library for a specific network

Open Platform Compatibility

Fully compatible with all major service providers

Preconfigured modem settings provided in a simple drop down menu using Aptus

Auto Beam Switching (ABS)

Supports ABS via the OpenAMIP protocol from iDirect and the ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol from Comtech

Optional Dual VSAT Mediator

Ensures uninterrupted broadband communications by seamlessly switching between two antennas

Communicates simultaneously with two Antenna Control Units (ACU)

Ideal for redundant antenna environments

Global Support

Over 300 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world

3 Year Global Warranty

Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment

The new warranty policy(3 year parts and 2 year labor) is only valid for products purchased after 1st, January 2017



Radome Height: 151.4 cm (59.63 inch)

Radome Diameter: 138.0 cm (54.33 inch)

Reflector Diameter: 103 cm (41 inch )

Weight Approx.: 128 kg (282 lbs)


Pedestal Type: 3-axis (Azimuth, Elevation, Cross-level)

Azimuth Range: Unlimited

Elevation Range: -20° ~ 115°

Cross Level Range: Up to ±37°

Motor Brake System: Azimuth, Elevation, Cross Level


TX Frequency: 13.75 ~ 14.5 GHz Ku-band

TX Gain: 41.6 dBi @ mid band

RX Frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz Ku-band

RX Gain: 39.4 dBi @ mid band

G/T: > 19.6 dB/K (Clear Sky, 30° Elevation)

BUC Power: 8W, 16W (Optional)

LNB: Intellian PLL LNB

Polarization: Cross-pol and Co-pol


Dimensions (W × D × H): 43.1cm × 38.1cm × 4.4 cm (17 inch × 15 inch × 1.7 inch)

Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)

Display: 2 line 40 character graphic VFD module

Ship’s Gyrocompass Interface: NMEA / NMEA 2000

Modem Interface: Ethernet port / RS-232C / I / O ports

Modem Protocol: iDirect, Comtech, SatLink, Hughes, GILAT

Remote Management: Yes

Wi-Fi Operation: Yes

Management Port: Yes

Power Requirement: 100~240V AC, 50~60Hz, 4A

Network VSAT
Brand Intellian
Airtime Rates


  • o Data Cap! Committed bandwidth will never be throttled. 
  • $100 Service Activation Fee 
  • 12 Month Contract Required 
  • Dry Dock Option allows vessel to move to minimum bandwidth during months usage is not 
  • expected and allows access to VoIP and over the air updates. 
  • Unlimited Free calling to US and Canada! 
  • Click here for VoIP Calling rates


Coverage Map

Coverage Areas North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

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