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Iridium GO! Prepaid Top Ups are for existing SatPhoneStore prepaid customers. They allow you to add minutes to your prepaid balance and extend the validity period of you total minutes (old and new).

You need to know either your Iridium phone number or your Iridium SIM card number to order Iridium Prepaid Top Ups online.  If you do not know this information, please call us at +1-305-405-7125 so we can look up your account.

These top up options will only work with the Iridium GO! satelite device.  To top up a different Iridium phone or terminal please go here.



 Iridium GO! Prepaid Vouchers work globally, and are rechargeable. All current, non-expired minutes carry forward to the next expiry date upon reload. All unused minutes will expire after 3 years.  Certain Iridium Prepaid Vouchers (exceptions noted below) follow different rules.  Please review carefully before making your purchase.

  • Unused minutes are forfeited upon expiration.
  • All Prepaid SIMs have a 90 grace period from the date its minutes expire in which it can still be recharged. Iridium Prepaid SIM Cards are automatically deactivated after the 90 day grace period is over, and will need to be replaced or reactivated ($250 fee).
  • Remaining balance and the balance of units that may expire if not used in the next six months will be announced at the beginning of every call, and is available by dialing 2888, or sending an SMS to 2888.
  • Voice traffic bills in 20 second minimums / increments.
  • Effective December 17th, 2013, prepaid units that have been carried over for more than three years will be expired on a daily basis from prepaid account balances. 


* 400 Mintue/6 Month and 1,000 Minute/12 Month vouchers are based on Iridium DI GO! data consumption and expire a twice the burn rate when used for voice calls. So a 400 unit voucher would include 400 data minutes or 200 voice minutes or a combination thereof, and a 1,000 unit voucher would include 1,000 data minutes or 500 voice minutes or a combination thereof.

 # 200 Minute/One Year Prepaid vouchers work globally with a reduced rate within the MENA Region. Minute balance on these vouchers are non-rechargeable is reset upon reload.  Please Refer "Additional Info" tab for MENA country list.

 ## Northern Lights Prepaid vouchers only work within Canada and Alaska. Expiration date will be set to 6 months from date of activation or recharge.

 ### 30 Day Expiry Extension not available for the 200 Global - 12 Month voucher. 

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Terms and Conditions 


 (1) Online Top Up orders must be placed at least 5 business days prior to expiration. This will not affect the extension period in any way.  

 (2) Top Ups are processed Monday through Friday. Any top up ordered after 3 PM Eastern Time May not be processed until the next business day.

 (3) Top Up orders successfully transmitted to Iridium prior to expiration normally results in the extension of the expiration date of any current airtime, however, SatPhoneStore is not responsible for the preservation of airtime past the expiration date.

 (4) SatPhoneStore recommends that customers call (866) 633-9636 prior to 3 PM on any business day for last minute top up orders.

Package Includes Virtual Iridium GO! Voucher

The Small Print


 - All prepaid and monthly pricing plans subject to change.

 - All plans are subject to applicable taxes.

 - Recharges on prepaid plans are activated on invoice date.

 - Recharge minutes are cumulative up to 16666 minutes.


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