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This Prepaid Top Up is for current SatPhoneStore customers with an Inmarsat Fleet Phone PREPAID SIM Card. 



About Inmarsat Fleet One Prepaid Top Ups

Inmarsat Fleet One  Prepaid Top Ups are for existing SatPhoneStore prepaid customers. They allow you to add unit to your prepaid balance and may extend the validity period of you total units (old and new).  You need to know either your Fleet One SIM card number to order Fleet One Prepaid Top Ups online.  If you do not know this information, please call us at 866-633-9636 so we can look up your account.


Terms and Conditions (1) Online top up orders must be placed at least 2 business days prior to expiration. (2) Top Ups are processed Monday through Friday. Any top ups ordered after 3 PM Eastern Time may not be processed until the next business day. (3) Top Up orders successfully transmitted to Inmarsat prior to expiration normally results in the extension of the expiration date of any current airtime, however, SatPhoneStore is not responsible for the preservation of airtime past the expiration date. (4) SatPhoneStore recommends that customers call (866) 633-9636 prior to 3 PM on any business day for last minute top up orders.

More Information
Part Number FLTONE-R
Network Inmarsat Fleet One
Brand Inmarsat


Package Includes N/A


Downloads N/A
Airtime Rates
Small Vessel Post Paid Monthly Fee Included Minutes Additional Minutes SMS
$105 200/month $0.75/minute $0.50/minute

* Minimum Term 1 Month
* An Activation Fee of $75 applies at initial activation and each time the terminal is reactivated.


Small Vessel Prepaid  Units Voice Minutes* MB's* Validity Period Cost
60 78 6 60 Days $50
100 131 10 60 Days $80
200 262 20 60 Days $160

* Units can be used for voice minutes or standard IP MB's or a combination thereof.  Chart above depicts the maximum amount available of each if use solely for one service or the other.

Click here for online activation form.

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