RST620 - TranSAT Fixed Satellite Telephone

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Fixed vehicular Iridium terminal. Hands Free. Voice and Data.
Beam TranSAT RST620 Fixed Satellite Telephone provides a complete hands-free voice and data telephone for a wide variety of marine, land and air applications. TransSAT RST620 operates in very much the same way you would expect a traditional car phone, providing a compact user handset that can be located close to the driver / captain, hands-free or private communications, integrated speaker, microphone and transceiver supporting a professional looking installation. There are added features that enable TranSAT RST620 unit to be integrated to communications systems via the line in/out, serial data connectivity, radio mute, horn alert and a robust inbuilt 10-32V DC power supply.
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Part Number RST620
Features Compact intelligent handset Sturdy hang-up cradle Compact Installation Convenient serial data port Private or Hands-free mode Echo Cancellation Superior voice quality 10-32V DC power input SMS / SMSMO Tracking & Monitoring Capable Intelligent Processor & Interface Support external ringer/light Auxiliary & constant power Fully Certified Easy to install
Specs Power Specifications Power input voltage Power Consumption AMPS Stand-by - inc handset Transmit - inc handset 11 - 32 V DC 12 V DC 0.33 0.63 24 V DC 0.14 0.23 Environment Specifications Temperature Operating Range Storage Humidity Degrees °C -15 to +55 -30 to + 85 Degrees °F +5 to +131 -22 to 185 85% non condensing Physical Specifications Dimensions - mm Dimensions - inches Weight - kg Weight - lbs 185 x 82 x 30 7.3" x 3.2" x 1.2" 0.659 1.45 183 x 130 x 27 7.2" x 5.1" x 1.1" 0.3 0.66 Connectors / Interfaces / LEDS Transceiver Intelligent Handset Data Port Speaker Microphone Constant power Auxilary power Horn Alert Audio mute D25 RJ45 DPL BUS RS232 Serial Interface 3.5mm mono 2.5mm mono Screw connector Screw connector Screw connector Screw connector Certifications IEC60945 Electrical Safety EMC Compliance Independent Aeronautical certification MUST be gained prior to installation Vibration testing certification (TBD)
Network Iridium
Brand BEAM
Package Includes Iridium 9522B Transceiver module Main terminal
Hands-free & power interface
Cable assemblies: DC cables, interface cables
Mounting adhesive / velcro
Data Cable
User & Installation Manual
CD - Beam Management System, AT Commands, Manual
Airtime Rates

Iridium Subscription Plans


- $50 Activation Fee  

* Rollover minutes balance resets to 0 every 12 months.

** Incoming calls are not charged to the Iridium subscriber but caller pays rate for a call to Iridium (country code 8816)

*** Incoming calls are not charged to the Iridium subscriber but caller pays rate for a call to US (country code 1)                                      


Iridium Prepaid Airtime 


 - Prepaid SIM cards can be reloaded up to nine months after minutes expire, after that the card is deactivated.

 - Voucher eligible for Minutes Carry Forward allow customer to preserve remaining minute balance if reloaded prior to minutes’ expiry.

 - Eligible MENA Countries: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Cyprus, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Juan De Nova Island, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa (inc. Price Edwards Island), Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

 - Eligible Latin America Countries: Mexico, Central America, and the entire South America continent.

 - Regional SIMs will work up to 12 nautical miles off shore.

Coverage Area
Worldwide, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polar