Iridium Fax Adapter FX2600

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The FX2600 allows Iridium users to connect to a G3 fax maching and send faxes through their Iridium 9505a satellite phone.  (Iridium Data Kit required)


FAX Adapter - FX2600
The Iridium Fax Adapter FX2600 connects to a standard Group 3 fax machine through an RJ-11 phone cord and, in turn, connects to the Iridium phone through a standard serial port. During transmission the fax machine sends the fax to the adapter which buffers it before sending it over the Iridium network to the Iridium U.S. gateway. From there the fax is sent to the recipient. For mobile-terminating faxes the call flow is reversed, with the server buffering the fax before it is sent over the Iridium network to the fax adapter.

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Part Number 101123
Network Iridium
Brand Iridium