JRC Inmarsat JUE-95LT Mini-C Mobile Terminal for LRIT

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JRC Inmarsat JUE-95LT Mini-C Mobile Terminal for LRIT
Features The JUE-95LT is a simple-to-install stand alone system that will easily and accurately transmit key information to improve the safety of life at sea. Flexible Installation Approach The JUE-95LT system has the same cable management philosophy resembling all other Inmarsat products that JRC is offering, allowing for an easy installation as only a single coax cable is used between antenna and terminal. Both are very compact and can be easily installed on any size and type of vessel. .
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Part Number JUE-95LT
Features Model JUE-95LT IMO type approved v Class of Inmarsat C MES Class 1 Terminal and antenna Model – terminal NTF-782LT Model – antenna NAF-742LT (including pole mounting bracket) Frequency TX 1626.5MHz - 1646.5MHz RX 1530.0MHz - 1545.0MHz Channel spacing 5KHz G/T -23.7dB/K minimum at 5º angle E.I.R.P. +7 to +16dBW Modulation TX and RX: 1200 symbols/sec 1) BPSK Data rate TX: 600bps RX: 600bps Antenna type: helical pattern: hemisphere (non directional) polarisation: right hand circular Transmission message up to 8kb Message storage 80kb (Inmarsat C 40kb) Power supply voltage DC 24V (+30% -20%) Power consumption TX 75W, RX 15W (terminal and antenna) Ambient condition antenna: -35°C +55°C terminal: -15°C +55°C Preservation temperature -40°C +80°C Relative humidity +40ºC up to 95% Icing up to 25mm (antenna) Precipitation 100mm/hour (antenna) Wind up to 100 knots Vibration as specifi ed by Inmarsat Optional items Power supply (AC/DC) NBD-577C Earth bolt (for antenna) MTL318538A
Brand JRC