JRC JSS-2150 MF/HF Radio Telephone

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JRC JSS-2150 MF/HF Radio Telephone
Features The new JSS-2150 Class A MF/HF radio equipment features an intuitive user interface and advanced modular design that allows for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces. 6-Channel DSC Built-In The MF/HF has a 6-channel Digital Selective Calling (DSC) as standard with a built-in DSC watch-keeping receiver. You can generate and receive digital selective calls for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communication with other ships and coast stations. In urgent situations, the JSS-2150 sends a distress alert once you press the distress button. The integrated DSC watch-keeping receiver monitors distress alarms through continuous scanning of distress frequencies. Digital Audio The MF/HF integrates an advanced digital audio amplifier with a built-in speaker, which increases the amount of power, making your message loud and clear. Setting Your Settings The JSS-2150 uses a 3.8-inch high visibility LCD display, which you can adjust at your own convenience. The display has 10 dim settings and you can set the contrast up to 11 different levels, integrated screensaver and assign a commonly used menu to the user key for direct access. These are just a few of the possibilities. .
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Part Number JSS-2150
Features Model JSS-2150 IMO compliant General Display 3.8-inch, LED backlit, 320 by 240 pixels Communication speed 57.6 kbps Microphone input -54 dBm Rated audio output speaker (8˜): °5W , handset (150˜): 1 mW or mor e Frequency transmit 1605.0 to 27500.0 kHz (100 Hz steps) Frequency receive 90.0 to 29999.9 kHz (100 Hz steps) Emission type J3E, F1B, A1A, H3E, H2B, J2D Channels up to 400 (20 ch x 20 groups) ITU preset channels 831 ch Channel switching time °15 sec Communication method push-to-talk (simplex, semi-duplex) Antenna impedance 50˜ Interface IEC61162-1 (GPS, RMS), NMEA0183 NMEA version 1.5, 2.0, 2.3 NMEA input GGA, GLL, RMC, GNS, ZDA Power supply 21.6V to 31.2V DC Power consumption 150W transmit: °30A, r eceive: °5A Operating temperature -15° to 55°C (parts exposed to condensation -25° to 55°C) Storage temperature -15° to 55°C (parts exposed to condensation -25° to 70°C) Operating humidity 0% to 93% non-condensing Protection rate IP22 (controller) Transmitter Antenna output power 1605.0 to 3999.9 kHz: 100Wpep 4000.0 to 27500.0 kHz: 150Wpep Modulation method low-power stage balanced modulation Occupied bandwidth J3E, J2D, H2B: within 3 kHz, F1B, A1A: within 0.5 kHz Receiver Receiving system double superheterodyne Intermediate frequency 70.036 MHz, 36 kHz Frequency stability within ±10 Hz Sensitivity J3E: °2.5 uV , F1B: °0.7 uV , A1A: °1.4 uV Clariÿ er variable range ±200 Hz (1 Hz steps) Line output 0 dBm 600˜ (balanc ed) Optional items Power supply (AC/DC) NBD-2150 Battery charger NBB-724 Controller (max 2 in conÿ guration) NCM-2150 Mounting bracket for controller (˝ ush) MPBC42957 Mounting bracket for controller (table) MPBX44354 Connection box (for second controller) NQD-2250 Waterproof handset (IP66) NQW-261 Printer (wall, ˝ ush mount) NKG-91 Printer (desktop type) DPU-414, NKG-800 Junction box (for antenna tuner) NQD-2253
Brand JRC