Sailor 100 Satellite TV System

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SAILOR 100 Satellite TV provides reliable, truly global television reception under any conditions with its advanced 103 cm dish and advanced 3 axis structure.


Global Innovation

SAILOR 100 Satellite TV offers a number of innovations including multi-polarisation and a programmable LNB to ensure high quality TV reception regardless of where you are in the world and which broadcast satellite you are receiving.


This ensures that you can provide television for crew and passengers aboard vessels sailing globally, without the need to reconfigure or manually change parts of the system to ensure compatibility with different satellite broadcast standards.


The Best Television

Further innovations include an advanced rotary joint, eliminating the need for cable unwrap when the vessel turns and single cable installation, which is a truly unique feature in the maritime satellite TV market, making installations easier and considerably more cost effective.


SAILOR 100 Satellite TV is designed, developed and manufactured in-house by Cobham SATCOM's experienced engineers so you can be confident in its reliability and your ability to provide the best television for your crew and passengers.


Crew Welfare

Whether watching the game, the news or the soaps, SAILOR 100 Satellite TV is built specifically to meet the demands of maritime professionals, so can be relied on to provide a strong signal and great picture at all times.


This helps crew to relax and enjoy their free time. Team spirit and morale is just as relevant at sea as at home and with SAILOR 100 Satellite TV, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare.


Touch Screen Operation and Maintenance

SAILOR 100 Satellite TV is simple to install and configure. It comes as standard with a powerful touch screen terminal to handle all setup, service and management, and features an advanced but intuitive Graphical User Interface.


With user-friendly control, operation and maintenance your technicians can quickly make updates or adjustments using the intuitive touch screen, leaving them more time to focus on maintaining critical operational systems on board.


Global Service Network

In the unlikely event your SAILOR 100 Satellite TV system delivers less than smooth sailing, Cobham SATCOM's network of skilled service professionals is always nearby.


Our On Board Service Centers use highly trained technicians and are strategically placed to ensure prompt, professional and quality service - without costly downtime in port.

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Part Number 407390A-00500

- Single cabin installation – for a simpler, more cost effective installation

- Multi-polarisation and programmable LNB – for worldwide TV reception

- Advanced rotary joint – unlimited azimuth range, eliminating the need for cable unwrap

- Powerful touch screen terminal – for setup, service and management

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