Sailor 60 Satellite TV World System

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For fishing vessels, coastal ships or yachts, no matter where or under what conditions, SAILOR 60 Satellite TV delivers reliable television reception.



Professional Reliability


Only SAILOR Satellite TV Antenna systems are built specifically to meet the demands of maritime professionals. No matter where or under what conditions, SAILOR

delivers reliable TV reception. Advanced technology, multiple tracking methods, fast satellite acquisition and an extra-wide elevation range ensure a steady signal,

even when travelling for long distances, in rough seas or in polar regions. Should the antenna momentarily lose its signal due to bad weather or blockage, the hardware

and software in SAILOR Satellite TV systems are fully optimized to reacquire satellite signals quickly and automatically.


It’s Easy


A user-friendly control unit with intuitive interface makes operating a SAILOR Satellite TV system easy. Menu choices cover what you need, without an overwhelming

list of options. For advanced maintenance or adjustments, the control unit has an easily accessible interface for laptop connection. Because every satellite

has limited coverage, it is necessary to be able to change from one satellite to another. With SAILOR you just have to push a button on the control unit upon entering

a new satellite territory – no manual adjustments above deck are necessary. SAILOR Satellite TV is also compatible with all major satellite service providers,

includes pre-installed satellite locations and offers the option to easily change locations if desired.


Proven Performance


With probably the most ambitious internal test criteria in the industry, we have put SAILOR Satellite TV systems through a battery of demanding tests to ensure they

live up to SAILOR’s high standards. Built on a 3rd generation platform, they offer the security both of proven performance and of technology that is anchored in constant



The Industry’s Best Service Network


In the unlikely event your SAILOR Satellite TV system delivers something other than smooth sailing, it is nice to know the industry’s most extensive, skilled network

of service professionals is nearby. Our On Board Service Centers are strategically placed around the world to ensure prompt, professional service – without

costly downtime in port. And every service expert must meet rigorous criteria before earning the right to meet your service needs.


Suitable for any Commercial Vessel


SAILOR 60 Satellite TV: ideal for smaller crafts or coastal vessels

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Part Number 403760B-00500

- Track-and-Lock - dynamic skew control

- Multiple tracking methods

- Very fast satellite acquisition

- High satellite pointing accuracy

- Horizon satellite memory banks

- Automatic scanning and storage



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