Sea Tel 100 TV

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The Sea Tel 100 TV features an 101.6 cm antenna in a 136.46 cm diameter frequency tuned radome that is designed to minimize signal loss and add to the high quality viewing on offer.


The Sea Tel 100 TV antenna system features advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-Band High Definition satellite services worldwide without ever having to change the LNB. With our simple to use MMI, changing satellite services is as simple as a few button clicks away.

With advanced stabilization, the Sea Tel 100 TV is made for extreme conditions. Whether at dockside, anchor or rocking and rolling on the 7 Seas, the Sea Tel 100 TV is the right antenna for watching your favorite satellite TV programming.

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Part Number 140113-601
  • Programmable LNB that receives worldwide Ku-Band services. No more changing LNB’s when travelling to different regions of the world.

  • Advanced stabilization for viewing satellite TV even in rough sea conditions.

  • Integrated DVB-S2 tuner for reception and identification of DVB-S2 and DVB-S satellite broadcasts.

  • Frequency tuned radome minimizes signal loss.

  • Easy installation and use. Uses same bolt pattern as the Sea Tel Series 04 systems.

  • Extensive capabilities for online and offline troubleshooting.

  • Intuitive and secured user interface with extensive data logging capabilities.

  • Worldwide service along with 2 years parts and 2 years labor warranty (Flex warranties available).

  • Built to last in extreme conditions

  • Global satellite library.


Min. EIRP Ku-Band;

41.5 dBW

Dish Diameter

101.6 cm (40 in)

Radome Diameter

136.46 cm (53.72 in)

Radome Height

152.2 cm (59.9 in)

ADE Weight

99.79 kg (220 lbs.)

Operating Temperature Range

 -20˚C to 55˚C

Storage Temperature Range

-40˚C to 70˚C

Pedestal Type

3 Axis (Azimuth, Elevation, Cross Level)

Ships Motion

Roll +/- 25˚; Pitch +/- 15˚

Turning Rate

15˚deg /sec @ 5˚deg /sec2

Azimuth Range 


Elevation Range

 -15˚ to 115˚


Linear/Circular Selectable

Stabilization Accuracy

0.2˚ Peak error under specified ship’s motion

Skew Control


LNB Type

Ku-Band Worldwide Programmable

Frequency Range

Ku-Band (10.7 - 12.75 GHz);


2 years parts / 2 years labor

Brand SeaTel
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