JRC Inmarsat Fleet F77 Maritime Satellite Communication Terminal

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JRC Inmarsat Fleet F77 Maritime Satellite Communication Terminal-JUE-410F


The JUE-410F is a powerful Inmarsat Fleet 77 satellite communications solution, incorporating advanced technology and flexible interfacing to meet the varied communications and data requirements of the maritime industry.


Powerful and Flexible Solution

JRC’s Fleet 77 provides users at sea with unrivalled choice through the provision of a single, integrated terminal platform, bringing ships closer to the office infrastructure and network. It benefits all those involved in the shipping industry, providing near global maritime coverage, which makes the Fleet 77 a powerful and flexible solution for high data rate requirements.



The Fleet 77 service offers digital voice communication on a virtually global basis (polar restrictions apply). In addition to the standard 4.8kbps voice service, 64kbps voice can also be achieved between ISDN telephones. Call waiting is also available to notify users of the presence of an incoming voice, fax or data call while conducting an MPDS session. When the call-waiting alert is received, the user will have the choice to accept the incoming call, guaranteeing no call is missed.



JRC’s JUE-410F provides 64kbps Group-4 fax and 9.6kbps Group-3 fax for vessel-to-shore, shore-to-vessel and vessel-to-vessel applications. The Fleet 77 integrates the latest modern interfacing standards to meet compatibility with standard applications and systems.



Fleet 77 provides fast, quality and reliable data communications, including high-speed remote network access and fast access to IP and FTP services. Inmarsat offers Mobile Packet Data Service, a cost-effective packet-based service that charges only for the amount of data sent and received, not the time spent online. ISDN offers data transfer speed of up to 128kbps, and MPDS offers of up to 64kbps.


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- Powerful and Flexible Solution

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