Starcom Kylos Air Global GPS Air Cargo Tracking System

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The Kylos Air provides overall solution for ULD Palettes (standard aerial Unit Load Device) and ULD Containers. The solution offers easy installation and removal, high accuracy sensors and reliable performance.

Kylos - The First Ruler of the Universe (Greek Mythology)

The Monitoring Solution for ensuring Safe Delivery of cargo from Origin to Destination.

The Kylos Air provides overall solution for ULD Palettes (standard aerial Unit Load Device) and ULD Containers. The solution offers easy installation and removal, high accuracy sensors and reliable performance. The product is based on Starcom System’s Kylos Forever - a trusted and tested system which provides real time alerts and tracking through Starcom system’s mobile & web applications.

In a world of international commerce and growing volumes of valuable Cargo being shipped by air daily, knowing your cargo’s exact location is a major advantage. Kylos Air is a sophisticated tracking system, designed for the purpose of monitoring and tracking air cargo.

The system triggers an alert with any irregular event. This includes any change of location, temperature, impacts, or light exposure. You’ll receive a real time alert at each point in the shipping process, and know whether the product has left your facility, arrived at the airport or already delivered at its final destination.

The alerts allow you to solve problems in real time and address any issues that could affect the supply chain process. Records of historical sensor conditions and alerts can help investigate any incidents experienced during the cargo’s shipping process.

The solution complies with the FAA Regulations: cellular modem is deactivated during take-off, and reactivated automatically upon landing using its internal Barometer and Accelerometer sensors.

By using Kylos Products

You are in control

of almost all possible events and situations with its built-in sensors, automatic, remote operation, system stability and continuity.

You can save

by quickly locating and recovering your lost or stolen item. Since the unit is small and easily concealed from view, you can keep track confidentially while it remains unnoticed. With its embedded GPS system, you can follow the path of your stolen bicycle or merchandise and easily recover your items.

You can rely

on the system to provide essential information in real time so that you can make and execute effective decisions about your business and personal matters instantaneously. You can also be sure that you will be alerted to any irregularities or breaches, so that you can decide when your immediate attention is necessary.

You enjoy the convenience

of a mobile and web based application that operates in 32 languages and includes detailed maps. As the application is mobile and web based, it can easily be accessed from anywhere, and at any time.

You gain flexibility and mobility

due to its autonomic portable system and built-in battery that does not require an external power supply.

You enjoy a user friendly

application that enables defining customized alerts and reports, their destinations and frequencies, in only a few simple steps.



  • A built-in light sensor will raise an alert if your high-end merchandise cargo is broken into, reducing the risk of your business falling victim to security breaches.
  • A built-in temperature sensor will proactively identify and react to a deviation from a preset temperature range, lessening the risk of delivering spoiled goods or medical supplies.


  • A built-in accelerometer will raise an alert if your parked bicycle is being moved, thus enabling you to always know if and when your personal valuables are being tampered with.

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Part Number KYLOS-AIR


  • Programmable Events: According to the user's needs and preferences. Fully customizable, the system can trigger email or text message alerts either by a single event (for example: if the merchandise falls, is damaged, or moves in any way), or a combination of events (such as a combination of light and area alert. For example: if the money bags were opened outside the bank's perimeter), without the limitation of choosing from a pre-set list of events

  • Perimeter based alerts: Geo-fencing alerts, in case the goods are entering/leaving a specified area at a specified time.

  • Automated Tracking: Based on predefined and configurable intervals or parameters, without the need for the user to actively send an additional command.

Goods Protection

  • Accident and Movement: Built-in accelerometer triggers a wide range of automated notifications for when the goods are moved or damaged in any way.


  • Cellular Connectivity: Support for GSM networks (GPRS or optional 3G), while using both the SMS channel and the data channel. Supported bands are 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Optional support for CDMA and HSDPA networks

  • TCP Connectivity: Support for the GPRS/1x TCP/ IP networks by either staying online at all times, or coming online when a transmission is initiated.

  • DNS Support: Connection to a server by its host name

  • Backup Server: Backup host name support in case of main server has gone offline

  • Encryption: Protocol encryption to provide maximum security between the unit and the center.

  • Compact Protocol: Less than 70 bytes per message enables very small bandwidth usage and saves communication costs.

Over-The-Air Commands

  • Firmware Upgrade: Over the air firmware upgrade to apply new features to units already in the field.

  • Tracking: Option to remotely set periodic transmissions from the unit in intervals between 10 seconds to 5 days.


  • Internal Logging: Whenever a transmission has failed to be sent, the entire message is saved to the memory for later transmission. Up to 15 thousands complete messages, including statuses, can be recorded this way


  • GPS Receiver: Built-in GPS receiver, allows realtime tracking and on-board location-based analysis

  • Last Location Saving: Saving of the unit’s last position, in case of lack of GPS coverage.






3.7v, 1800 mAh



-20°C to +60°C


-40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity

Up to 100%


75 x 62 x 31 mm

75 grams

Cellular Communication


Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900)

Optional Modems


Antenna Type

Built-in (Concealed)

Data Channels



Propriety - Encrypted






Encrypted Protocol






Reciever and Antenna



NMEA (Binary format)

Positioning Accuracy

10m CEP (50%)

Velocity: 0.2m/s (50%)

Navigation Update Rate

1 Second (Default)

All-in-View Solution

Navigation Method

2-Satellite Solution, A-GPS

Time to First Fix (TTFF)

Hot Start: 2 sec

Warm Start: 10 sec

Cold Start: 50 sec

CPU Capacity

Static RAM

128 kb

Nonvolatile Memory

34 kb

Flash Memory

2048 kb



Resolution: 0.025 LUX

Sensitivity: 0 - 104,448 LUX (Sunlight)


Range: from −20°C to +60°C (±1.0°C)


Accuracy: 3 Axis, 0.1g resolution

Access Port


TTL (USB cable is Available)

Power Cosumption

Sleep/Idle: 0.05 mAh

GPS Only: 75 mAh

GPRS Only: 100 mAh

GPS and GPRS: 165 mAh

Battery Life

Every 10 Minutes: 60 Hours

Every 6 Hours: 90 Days

Every 24 Hours: 300 Days

Network GSM
Brand Starcom
Airtime Rates

 - If monthly alert limit is exceeded, additional alerts will be billed at $0.03 each.
 - Kylos Lite, Kylos Plus and Kylos Pro plans will incur a roaming fee of $10 each month the device transmits from outside the US.
 - A programming fee of $19.00 per unit will be added to your first invoice.
 - These plans are available for the following Starcom products: Kylos Compact, Kylos Forever, Kylos Air and Watchlock Pro

Coverage Area
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia