KVH 02-1900 TracVision HD11 RF SmartSwitch

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KVH TracVision HD11 RF SmartSwitch; for regional service switching and dual-dome installs.

The KVH SmartSwitch is a powerful accessory for the TracVision HD11’s below-deck system. Powered and controlled by the system’s IPACU, the innovative SmartSwitch has been designed to perfectly complement the TracVision HD11’s Ka/Ku World LNB which allows customers to cruise to destinations around the globe without needing to change the LNB. With a SmartSwitch installed, multiple banks of receivers from different satellite services can be installed onboard a vessel and switching between them is done with a simple push of a button! This means that as a vessel travels to a new ocean region which requires a different satellite service, no rewiring of the below-decks equipment is required; one can simply use the IPACU's front panel, the web interface, or the iPad® app to switch to the bank of receivers for the region!

In addition, the SmartSwitch can also switch between two antenna systems when required on vessels with permanent blockage issues. The SmartSwitch will automatically detect which antenna has the better signal and switch to it, making installation and system use a snap!

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Part Number 02-1900
  • Allows simple switching between satellite services without rewiring or swapping hardware as the vessel travels the globe 

  • Serves as the single point of access for all satellite TV services used onboard a vessel • Simplifies the wiring required to install multiple banks of receivers for different satellite services

  • Provides automatic switching between two TracVision HD11 antenna systems when permanent blockage on a vessel requires two systems



16.75" L x 11.25" W x 2.63" H

(42.5 cm L x 28.6 cm W x 6.68 cm H)

1.5 U Rack Mount Device Unit


5 lbs (2.27 kg)

Control Input

RS-232 (from IPACU)

RF Input Connections

8 (F-type) supports two antennas

RF Output Connections

12 (F-type) supports three independent outputs

Power Consumption

12 Watts (powered by IPACU)




75 Ohm

Ku Signal IF Band

250-2150 MHz

User Interface

LED status indication for power, antenna and output

Multiswitch Support

SWM8/16/32, Quad Input Linear, Dual Input Circular

Operating Temperature

32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)

Non-operating Temperature

-31°F to 158°F (-35°C to 70°C)


104°F (40°C), 95% Humidity

Brand KVH