Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT Antenna System LIN 8W Single-1 34"

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Sea Tel USAT30 VSAT offers superb performance and pointing accuracy to ensure high quality connectivity, even on the edge of the satellite footprint

USAT 30 Ku-Band Antenna

The USAT 30 is the latest in the long line of how-did-we-ever-live-without-this technology products from Sea Tel that are redefining global maritime communications. Our edge-of-your-seat products are not just breaking the mold, but busting through it.


The USAT 30 Ku-band antenna is a 75 cm Ultra Small Aperture Terminal marine stabilized antenna system for broadband connectivity. Incorporated in the design are some of the leading technology concepts to reduce its size and match the performance of some of our bigger systems. It complements our range of other USAT and VSAT antennas; it is aesthetically pleasing for mega yachts as well as rugged enough for a workboat. The platform is designed to become part of the ship. It withstands the harshest weather nature can throw at it. In fact, that is practically what we do when we test our systems.


USAT 30 is not designed for compromise. It is packed with high performance features that track satellites faster than the wind can change direction or the tides can swell. The pointing accuracy of this antenna is a result of over 10 million person hours of development effort. Perhaps that is the number one reason why Sea Tel antennas often work trouble free for years and years.



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Part Number 133413-606

USAT 30 Key Benefits

- Better antenna performance of almost 3 dB allows sailing further out on the fringes of the footprint.*

- Higher carrier to noise ratio allows even more reliable communications anywhere within the footprint.

- Trend-blazing pointing accuracy of better than 0.2°

- Works with or without ship’s gyro

- Lighter weight

- Install in hours instead of days

- Access remotely from anywhere and anytime

*When compared to similar antennas



Typical data for USAT 30, Ku-Band

- Antenna: 75 cm/30", Ring Focus feed with motorized AutoPol

- Transmit Gain: 39.0 dBi @ 14.25 GHz

- Receive Gain: 37.0 dBi @ 11.85 GHz

- G/T: 16 dB/K calculated at 12 GHz (clear sky @ 30 degrees elevation)

- Meets FCC EIRP Spectral Density Mask @ 17.4 dBW/4 KHz output EIRPsd -21.6 dBW/4 KHz input EIRPsd

- Pedestal Type: Closed Loop Servo

- Pointing Accuracy: 0.2° RMS @ 20° roll

- Elevation Range of Motion: +2° to +75°

- Azimuth Range of Motion: 680°

- Radome Dimensions: 0.94m/36.9in D x 1.016m/40in H (1m/39in max flange diameter)

- Total Weight with Radome: 132 lbs/60 kgs


Typical data for DAC 2202 Controller


- Model: 2202

- Mounting: Rack Mount

- M & C Ports: 1 Serial, 3 TCP/IP, 1 multi-user web browser support

- UDP Upload port for updating software in the Comm Interface

- Reformatted GPS output: (GGA and GLL)

- Heading Input: NMEA 0183, SBS, Synchro or No-Gyro Mode

- Dimensions: 19" X 1.75"

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