AddValue Sabre Ranger BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal

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The SABRE™ Ranger M2M is a BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) terminal with a ruggedized mechanical enclosure build for long term outdoor all weather installation. It is designed for SCADA applications in remote unmanned location. 


The SABRE™ Ranger M2M is a BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) terminal with a ruggedized mechanical enclosure build for long term outdoor all weather installation. It is designed for SCADA applications in remote unmanned location. The firmware is specially designed such that it can provide reliable and stable BGAN connectivity continuously for long period without user intervention. 


To ensure that users are always in control of SABRE™ Ranger M2M, Addvalue developed features that enable users to control the terminal remotely and is fully compatible with Remote Terminal Manager (RTM) which allows the user to graphically view the location of the terminal and the terminal status. The PDP context of the SABRE™ Ranger M2M can be activated or deactivated remotely via SMS; in times when users need to reboot the terminal, the rebooting process can also be initiated via SMS; the terminal can be configured remotely using SMS commands; and logs can be retrieved remotely for debugging. The SABRE™ Ranger M2M also comes with a mounting bracket that's specially designed for easy antenna pointing.

BGAN Terminal for Long-term, Un-manned Operation

Outdoor conditions can be unexpectedly tough on equipment, especially over the long-term. That’s why the SABRE™ Ranger is made the way it is. It resists jets of water from all directions, particles, dust, heat and cold. It’s shock-resistant, and resistant to corrosion with a NEMA rating of 4X. Properly secured using the mounts included, the SABRE™ Ranger can withstand all kinds of environmental conditions, and remain in operation for long periods of time, transmitting and receiving 24/7. Its capable of simultaneous voice and data, with broadband speeds of up to 384 Kbps down and 240 Kbps up, and streaming IP at 32 and 64 Kbps, so you can use it for the full range of BGAN applications. It’s got a built-in Ethernet port (RJ45) as well as an analog phone port (RJ11) for direct access. With its ruggedized construction, it is an excellent terminal for fixed SCADA operations that require reliable satellite connectivity over long-periods of time.


Built SCADA-ready

For industries that operate in locations beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, such as mining or oil and gas, satellite terminals have been providing critical communications including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for years. But other industries use SCADA and have facilities far removed from one another, often with unmanned components. Linking them via terrestrial networks has its advantages, but terrestrial networks can go down, whether it’s a natural disaster, or some other unplanned-for event. That’s why more and more industries consider satellite the right choice for their SCADA systems, whether it’s satellite only, or a hybrid system of satellite and the local terrestrial network, with satellite adding redundancy and security. The SABRE™ Ranger is designed for SCADA applications that need this level of dependability. It’s durably built for all weather conditions, and has special design features that enable it to be managed remotely and deployed outdoors for long periods of time, unmanned.


An All-weather Outdoor BGAN

Whether it mounted on an off-shore oil rig in the North Sea, or secured to the side of an electrical relay station in the Sahara, the SABRE™ Ranger will perform. It’s got an ingress rating of IP65, so it can resist jets of water from all directions, and has the highest level of protection against particles and dust. It has a Type 4x NEMA rating, so it’s weatherproof, watertight, and resistant to corrosion. With its enhanced firmware designed for maintaining a continuous, consistent BGAN network connection, and an operational temperature range of between -40° C and +75° C (-40° F to +167° F), sub-freezing temperatures and extreme heat won’t stop it. And, it’s got enhanced vibration and shock resistance, making it durable enough for some of the most demanding locations. In fact, since 2008, the SABRE™ Ranger has been proving itself in the oil and gas industry around the world, in some of the most challenging environments.


Remote Management Features

The SABRE™ Ranger’s special remote management features enable it to operate for long periods of time without any user intervention. For SCADA or other uses with unmanned locations this can help you manage things from far away. Using sms, you can activate or de-activate the PDP context, which not only saves you time, but can also provide cost-savings. And in situations that require re-booting the terminal, an sms can also be used, adding to your level of control from a remote location. Once it has been deployed, and contact established, the SABRE™ Ranger is a rugged, dependable communications link, capable of broadband speeds and able to operate continuously for as long as you need it.

More Information
Part Number RANGER-M2M

- Remote configuration and debugging 
- 24/7 Always-On Capability
- IP watchdog for fail-safe operation
- PDP activation/deactivation via SMS
- Selected settings via SMS
- Reboot terminal via SMS
- Fully compatible with Remote Terminal Manager (RTM)
- Single unit with integrated antenna (all-in-one)
- Ruggedized (IP65) mechanical enclosure for prolonged outdoor harsh weather installation 
- NEMA Type 4X  Corrosion Resistance
- Enhanced Vibration and Shock Resistance
- Class I Div. 2 and ATEX Zone 2, Group II, Category 3
- Over-the-air firmware upgrade at no charge
- Secure Remote Access restricted with authorized numbers
- Wind loading of up to 125mph (200kph) with standard mounting bracket.

Frequency Band
Transmit: 1525MHz - 1559MHz
Receive: 1626.5MHz - 1660.5MHz

Type: Built-in patch antenna

Bearer Data Rate
Receive: 384 kbps (max)
Transmit: 240 kbps (max)

GPS Air Interface
Integrated GPS receiving and antenna
Services: Standard IP, SMS

Interfaces:  Ethernet connections (RJ45)
RS232 (D89) 9600 bps with 10m Multi-function cable
Firmware Upgrades:  Over the air or Ethernet RJ45
Supports 3GPP AT commands

Operating System Support
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +75°C / -40° F to 167°F
Operating Humidity: 95% (non-condensing at +40° C or 104° F)
Storage Temp: -40° C to +80°C, -40°F to +176°F
Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% (RH)
Water & Dust: IP65 Compliant
DC Input 12 ~ 15 VDC
Weight:  1.5 Kg / 3.3 lbs
Wind Loading:  
Up to 100 mph
Certification of Compliance
Certification and Compliance
Inmarsat Type Approval 
IC (Industry Canada)
CSA (Safety-mark - cCAus)
NEMA Type 4X
Class 1 Div. 2 and ATEX Zone 2, Group II, Category 3 Certified
Network Inmarsat BGAN
Brand AddValue
Package Includes - SABRE Ranger M2M Terminal
- Mounting Frame
- Two U-bolts with four washers and nuts
- Ethernet cable
- Serial cable
- DC power cable
- Multi-function cable
Airtime Rates

Inmarsat BGAN M2M Monthly Subscription Plans

One time $50 Activation Fee 

  • 12 month contract term

Click here for online activation form.

Coverage Map

Coverage Area
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia