Iridium 200 Minute "Northern Lights" SIM Card

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Valid for 6 months: The Iridium 200 Minute Prepaid Regional SIM Card for Alaska and Canada and is loaded with 200 satellite phone minutes that can be used throughout Alaska and Canada. 



About Iridium Prepaid Services

With Iridium prepaid services, users have a global, cost-effective communications system at their fingertips, eliminating the headaches of monthly bills or subscription fees while providing the global reach and accessibility users have come to expect from Iridium. Limited Time Offer.

Benefits include:

- No Monthly Fee and Attractive Pricing: Iridium offers prepaid data and voice service with no monthly fee. Plus, with prepaid pricing in line with traditional postpaid pricing, Iridium users can opt for either prepaid or postpaid services without fear of being penalized for choosing one over the other.

- Valid for 6 Months: The Iridium 200 Minute Prepaid Regional SIM Card for Alaska and Canada and is loaded with 200 satellite phone minutes that can be used throughout Alaska and Canada. 


- Unique with the Northern Lights Plan, customers have a 6-month plan to meet seasonal needs

- Unused minutes roll over when minutes are renewed before expiry date

- Minutes are billed in 20-sec increments

- The Northern Lights Plan cannot be used in conjunction with other plans, nor minutes transferred

- Calls to PSTN (voice  and data) are charged 60 units per minute. See "Iridium Prepaid Details" for full details and terms & conditions

- Grace period for renewals: 90 days from date of expiry. If expiry grace period is missed, a new SIM card will need to be purchased

- Outgoing calls to any other region other than North America, Alaska and Canada will be charged double the rate.

- This prepaid plan cannot originate calls outside of Alaska and Canada.


More Information
Part Number PRE200NL
Network Iridium
Brand Iridium
Features IMPORTANT - The Iridium airtime on this SIM card will be valid for 6 months. If more Iridium minutes are purchased and added to this card prior to expiration date of any existing airtime the validity period of the existing minutes is extended to the expiration date of the new minutes. SatPhoneStore is not responsible for the preservation of airtime past the expiration date.
Airtime Rates
Coverage Area
North America