Iridium 750 Minute Global Prepaid Airtime SIM Card

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Available Exclusively at SatPhoneStore, the Iridium 750 Minute Prepaid Airtime SIM Card is loaded with750 satellite phone minutes that can be used anywhere in the world.  Lifetime of minutes is 6 Months. Unused Minutes do not Carry Forward on Reload. Limited Time Offer.


About Iridium Prepaid Airtime Services

With Iridium prepaid services, users have a global, cost-effective communications system at their fingertips, eliminating the headaches of monthly bills or subscription fees while providing the global reach and accessibility users have come to expect from Iridium. Limited Time Offer.

Benefits include:

- No Monthly Fee and Attractive Pricing: Iridium offers prepaid data and voice service with no monthly fee. Plus, with prepaid pricing in line with traditional postpaid pricing, Iridium users can opt for either prepaid or postpaid services without fear of being penalized for choosing one over the other.

- Valid for  of 6 Months: The Iridium 750 Minute Prepaid SIM Card is loaded with 750 satellite phone minutes that can be used anywhere in the world.  Lifetime of minutes is 12 Months.  Unused Minutes do not Carry Forward on Reload.

$0.99 per Minute!


Prepaid Service Notes

-Calls are debited in 20 second increments. When making Iridium-to-Iridium voice calls, calls are debited at half the rate of an Iridium-to-Landline call (Example: If a user were to exclusively make Iridium-to-Iridium calls, a 500-minute plan would actually produce 1000 minutes (2X the minutes) for the satellite user).

-Unused minutes are forfeited upon expiration. Card is permanently deactivated 90 days after expiry if not recharged. Expiry dates are cumulative up to 2 years.

-Outgoing SMS (i.e. text messaging) are debited in 20 second increments, for qualifying prepaid plans.

-FREE Services: Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Barring and Incoming SMS. NO ACTIVATION FEES!

-Remaining minutes are announced before each call made. To query minutes: Use toll free number 2888 from Iridium satellite phone.

Please note that calls made to another satellite network (Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya) are debited at a higher rate than a standard Iridium-to-Landline call.


The Small Print

  • -All prepaid and monthly pricing plans subject to change.
  • -All plans are subject to applicable taxes.
  • -Prepaid cards are activated upon shipment.
  • -Query remaining minutes from Iridium phone by dialing 2888.
More Information
Part Number PRE750
Network Iridium
Brand Iridium
Features IMPORTANT - The Iridium airtime on this SIM card has an expiration date (see above for details).
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Airtime Rates
Coverage Area
Worldwide, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polar