SatTrans SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter, Thuraya XT

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SatTrans SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter, Thuraya XT
SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter for Thuraya XT ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya phones in vehicles. Due to the nature of the satellite signal, requiring direct view of the satellites, SAT-DOCKER significantly increases reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use. SAT-DOCKER allows using all features of your Thuraya phone and service, such as text messaging, 9.6K data/fax, GmPRS, voicemail, GPS, etc. Where to use: - All types of vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, railway cars, armored vehicles - Sea and river vessels (with optional maritime antenna and connectors) In the box: - Phone Cradle (Thuraya XT) - External antenna (satellite/GPS) - Universal stand - Hands-free earset - Cables Pack - User Manual - Handset (optional) Note for users in Australia: Thuraya docking stations sold in North America have the standard 'south' antenna. 'North' antennas do not work in Australia. The 'south' antenna works in Northern Australia with the antenna directed towards the Thuraya-3 satellite, although the signal level is going to be low (one bar). We are working on developing a Thuraya antenna for Australia, but it is work in progress.
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Part Number SAT-DOCK-XT
Features - Compatibility: Thuraya XT phone - Ensures reliable Thuraya satellite reception inside vehicles - Charges the phone's battery - Conveniently holds the phone on dashboard - Use all features of Thuraya service in vehicles - Powered via vehicle's DC power socket ("cigarette lighter") - Data/fax/GmPRS capable (with optional data cable) - High-quality durable build - Two-year warranty
Network Thuraya
Brand SatTrans