Wave WIFI MBR700 PRO Marine Broadband Router

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Wave WIFI MBR700PRO Marine Broadband Router, 6 Input Sources, Rack-mount enclosure

The Wave Marine Broadband Router is now fully operational. During the months of development, our engineers and programmers, working with input from selected Wave WiFi resellers, were able to create three models of the router. The end result is a cost-effective unit suitable for a sport fisherman or a megayacht.

The model designation signifies the number of broadband sources (inputs) available. For example, the MBR 200 has two broadband sources such as Wave WiFi and Cellular. The model MBR 400 has four input sources such as Wave WiFi, Cellular, Fleet Broadband and VSAT. And the MBR 600, a rack-mount unit, can accommodate up to six broadband sources.

The Marine Broadband Router manages connections with an 'Auto-Failover' mode or manually through a simple dropdown menu on the familiar Wave WiFi network scan page. Set a preferred connection in the simple setup menu such as your Wave WiFi EC unit, the cellular connection or satellite. If that connection loses Internet access, the Broadband Router seamlessly connects you to the next available source. Satellite connections can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

The Marine Broadband Router is the central control element for a robust Internet communications system. It is easy to use, with no special skills necessary. Like all Wave WiFi products, the Broadband Router’s web-based functionality is built in; there is no software to install.

Connections are managed through Wave WiFi’s web-based interface. The intuitive interface shows at a glance which broadband sources are active. A simple mouse click allows switching between active sources. Metered sources, such as Satellite and Cellular, can be password protected to prevent unauthorized use. The ‘Auto-Failover’ mode assures the most efficient use of available bandwidth.

Advanced features include Wave WiFi’s Access Management Control. This means you can create a customizable login page (Captive Portal), generate individual ‘user login codes’ for guests and crew, monitor and control per user bandwidth as well as configure port forwarding.

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Part Number MBR700PRO
  • Access multiple paths to the internet.

  • The marine Broadband Router (MBR) makes it simple to select your internet connection.

  • Select from up to six broadband sources including VSAT, Fleet, Broadband, Cellular and WiFi.

  • Easy to use, no special skills are necessary.

  • Setup and management is through the web-based Wave WiFi interface.

  • Create a login page, generate individual 'user login codes' for guests and crew.

  • Monitor and control per user bandwidth as well as configure port forwarding.

  • VSAT and Fleet broadband connections are password protected.

  • Available in 2, 4, and 6 port stand-alone models.

  • A rack mount unit is available for the 6 port configuration.

  • Management of the MBR is via the simple Wave WiFi control page.

  • Monitor WiFi connections using built-in, web based functionality

  • Select an alternative internet connection best suited to the boat location or bandwidth requirements password protected access for expensive satellite resources

  • The Marine Broadband Router is the central control element for a robust internet communications system.

  • Select the internet connection from one of many sources WiFi, cellular, VSAT, Fleet broadband, shore DSL/cable connection

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