It's that time of year again! Today officially marks the start of the 2017 Hurricane Season. Hurricanes have the potential to knock out power, cell coverage, and cause much more damage. As always, the number one way to deal with a potential storm is to be prepared. 

Perhaps the safest way to ensure that you will still be connected when a storm hits is to invest in a satellite phone. Sat phones can help keep you on the grid when a storm hits giving you the the ability to contact your friends and family to let them know that you are safe. Sat phones will also allow easy contact to emergency responder, and some phones even come with a dedicated emergency button, providing immediate emergenct contact when it is needed most.

If you are interested in purchasing a satellite phone, you can find more information in our Satphone Buyers Guide. You will be able to choose between Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya, and other reputable brands. Rentals are also available for as low as $3 a day.

For Current Satellite Phone Owners

Did you know that Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar all have free test numbers that you can call to ensure that your phone is active and working? Well they do! Now that you know, pull out your phone and give the test number try.

Iridium Test number: 001-480-752-5105

Inmarsat Test number 00870-77699-9999 

Globalstar Test Number #TEST (#8378)

Check Your Balance And Top Up Your Airtime

Prepaid customers, click here for help checking your minute balance. If you need to top up click here to visit our Reload page to purchase prepaid vouchers online or call us at 305.633.9636.


More Information on the 2017 Hurricane Season can be found at: